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November 6th, 2019

Category: Interior Design

Cubism in Interior Design

Troi Home :

The destination was to make glamourous house combining multiple perspectives as a masterpiece of art affected by the cubism and surrealism styles. We believe that this advanced house is a piece of one more coloured, spectacular and interesting world and, at the same time functional.

The style used by Gemelli Design Studio is reminiscent of the cubism art movement pioneered by Pablo Picasso. With cool colors and quirky abstract lines they present the room from multiple view points and make a mockery of perspective. There is no doubt that this would entertain the eye for a time.

If you think this level of zaniness would drive you slowly crazy, or the topsy-turvy feeling might leave you feeling a little design drunk–like the set of a big brother house–you might still appreciate these as a fun place to spend a weekend, the unique look is definitely a refreshing change from the usual safe neutral palette and plain walls.

This wild kitchen appears as a disco of stationery green laser beams, certainly not a place you’d like to face with a migraine, in fact that is probably true of every room in this design style, but on the other hand the energized interior would give you a boost in the morning, which needs coffee with all this going on!

The complication of angles cleverly throws off all dimensions too, adding interest, and dividing even the smallest space into a maze of zones, which makes a tiny room appear bigger by distracting the eye from the real proportions.

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