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August 13th, 2019

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Decorative Pool Tiles

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For swimming layer typically use special tiles, made fine porous ceramic materials at high fire. It is tile has almost zero water absorption, resistance to multi-ton water pressure and temperature changes are great. It has a high resistance to abrasion, UV rays chlorine, and other corrosive chemicals, hardy ice. In the construction of a swimming pool to complete the applying the material with different surface textures depending on the zone swimming pool. Glazed tiles are used for finishing the bowl walls and shiny with anti-slip tiles – sloping edge to the walls and floors bowls, stairs leading into the water. Unglazed material with anti-effects used in the swimming pool, where it is very easy to slip.

Glazed tile panels are coated with photographic images that make to order, on the basis of each slide or photograph – to the actual use Complete the shower wall. The panel was set up with the same tile size. Tile size is not suitable for creating art panel, decorations, etc., its use is difficult and challenging in the basin configuration. In this case, using mosaic tiles.

Mosaic of subtle patterns and arabesques, like the ancient, makes smalty developed specifically for the pool. Range of finishing  material is diverse, there is even a blue paint with gold leaf inlays and semi-precious Aventurine. Smalty can be laid out complex mosaics, etc., but the use of these materials requires accurate accumulation of technological knowledge and strict adherence to the  recipe mix glue and nat. Granite and marble are mainly used for natural pool wall design. Marble – not only can reflect light, but and “soak” them. Smooth, shiny and polished marble surface to create the impression of weight. Material to be very flexible, however,   today This property is ignored, limiting the processing of flat marble.

– Severe, but more durable. And marble, has a rich color palette – red, green, yellow, pink, blue, blue, white, black, gray and various shades of them. During construction of the pool to the middle rock is better not to treat, because the polished surface, abundant wetted with water, the first being “arena” and finally, under the influence chemistry – in the casts. For outdoor use PVC coating films. Such as tile, the film is rough, with anti-effects. PVC
– A film produced flexible, multi-layered, high strength (reinforced
special textile cables).

The final option is the most economical, because it allows you to shorten the amount of waterproofing works in install a pool. Film pool – strong and durable material, dirt repellent, resistant to algae, microorganisms and media treat the water. Broad color palette and a  variety of images made it aesthetically. In construction, swimming pool movie vessel occur in the shortest possible time and ensure  the full integrity, even formation of cracks in the bowl. PVC film for the pool does not require additional waterproof (as opposed to  tiles and mosaics). Better film only be used if: – You plan to pool the way – you want to save for finishing work – reconstruction of  outdoor mosaic tiles.

Polypropylene pool – clean, hard, durable material, possible to save not only on finishing, but also in hydro-thermal and insulation materials, and construction costs.

At the same time will provide

Absolutely crowded swimming pool, which can provide size and shape. Pool is much cheaper polypropylene monolithic stationary  and fiberglass, they maintain the aesthetic over the years appearance and low thermal conductivity, so that in a long time keep you  warm. On “The price-quality” optimal polypropylene basin, and their quality and functionality of a pleasant surprise even the most  demanding users. Cutting and welding technology allows you to create a pool of polypropylene is almost all shapes and sizes. It may be a small pond or a font on the ground floor of the cabin, as well as outdoor swimming pool is much larger located in the garden and  mingle your architectural layout site. Thanks to any polypropylene, even the most daring imagination of the architect and designers  can be translated into a real pool of its original form.

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