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August 26th, 2019

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Easy Landscape Lighting Ideas for Modern Home Design

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Good use of outdoor or landscape lighting is often one of the easy fixes you can make the exterior of your home can make a big difference. Not just can this upgrade improve the look of your home at night, but also very functional making your yard at night more user-friendly. The most common place to add an accent light is a sidewalk or path, patio or deck or the garden.

Walkway Lighting
Street lights provide a clear distinction and pull off the road on your page. They illuminate the road so they are safer to use at night while also providing a warm glow in your yard. It is important to determine the exact distance to this because you do not want too much or too little light. They should be about 8 to 10 meters. Instead of lining them equally on both sides to consider alternating them on either side to create a better view. Remember there are different colors of light available. Find one that best accents your home and yard.

Patio Lighting
Deck also patio lighting selects various enough so that you can actually get creative here if you choose, but do not overdo it. Too much of a good thing is not necessarily a good thing anymore. To deck consider things like post lights, bollard or step lights for every household or perhaps rope lights. You also might want some decorative wall lights. For some of the same cable will work just fine as a wall or rope lights. You can use things like stones, milestones or patio umbrella lights to add light to the patio and accent landscaping or potted plants. You can use different lights for different purposes, they do not all have to be used at the same time. Alternatives based on what you need and the look you want for different times.

Garden Lighting
To highlight a particular park or garden area that can be used in ground or bullet lights to illuminate trees or other plants. There are several full-size or compact bollards that was very interesting that works well for this use, some of which match a particular theme such as Zen or English garden. Or you can just find some easy to install solar lights to intonation any garden or landscaped area.

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