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August 13th, 2019

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Favorite House Color Exterior

Troi Home :

The selection of paint colors in a home affects the atmosphere of our homes, the picture above is one example of the color selection with bright green color, and we show from a variety of looks, namely (from top left) looks back, front, right side view, looking the left side, and a perspective on the night and day,

Exterior wall or facade precisely, is the part that should be considered in creating an attractive display at home. Well, you can create an impression that can bring out the beauty of the cozy feel of a play of colors.

So in the mix and match colors should apply the right colors for color greatly influence the electoral decorations, theme or style exterior / facade of the house. Thus, an appropriate color for the game, here are some things that you can make a guide in determining the color of the exterior:

· Make sure you choose the color of exterior paint colors harmonic with your homes in your neighborhood. So there is the feel of a comfortable harmony.

· The structure of the home you are also an important factor to consider in choosing a paint color as the exterior painting will be done. Materials for instance, coral stone, bricks can you paint with the color stronger or sharp, can also contrast the bold impression can surface texture stand out.

· There are some exterior paint colors that can be considered safe to apply at home variously. For example, in white, beige, or brown is a color that is always appropriate for all ages.

· To the color of paint on the windows made of metal should blend with the exterior paint colors that you use, because the color blends with the color of paint on the exterior windows will be easier than if you had to choose exterior paint colors that match the color of paint on your window.

· Make sure the color display on all your home building balanced. Lighter colors are more popular than dark colors because the colors are always bright reflective sheen that caused the house looks, in contrast with dark colors tend to absorb the incoming light that makes colors dull impression.

You can follow the guidelines above when you will color the exterior of the house.

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