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August 12th, 2019

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Guest Bedroom Office Furniture

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Guest Bedroom Office Furniture – Guest bedroom office furniture is very important to complete your home be more elegant and can make a guest feel comfort stay at your elegant home.
The size 11×11-foot guest room is fit room that offers an elegant welcome, with ceiling-mounted linen valances and draperies over two twin beds. Instead of more draperies at the windows, Roman shades provide privacy and light control. Amid the beds, an early-19th-century French commode with its native paint serves as a nightstand. Lamps provide reading light for each bed.

Here are steps to choose Best Guest bedroom office furniture at your residence.

Choose a Daybed for Dual-Purpose Rooms

If your guest room leads a double life–as your home office or studio, for example –a daybed is a practical option. When visitors come to stay, pull up a side table to serve as a nightstand, stow half of the pillows, and your guest bed is ready.¬†Make visitors feel welcome with a enjoy bed dressed in a plum duvet and crisp sheets. Sateen or bamboo sheets are silky soft to the touch; all-white bedding conveys hotel-style luxury.

A tray of treats and flowers from your garden are an especially thoughtful touch.
Formal Style with Practical Function

This stylish wood-frame sofa is actually a trundle bed in disguise. The box frame below the sofa rolls out to reveal a twin mattress. The seat cushion on the sofa is also firm enough for sleeping. Side tables with matching lamps serve as nightstands when guests come.
The desk in the dormer is a thoughtful addition that can serve as a dressing table for guests as well as a work desk.

Give Guests Space for Stuff

To make your guests feel welcome, give them space to put everything they bring. The movable bed-tray at the end of this bed offers a spot to stow the suitcase, and the bedside tables are clear of clutter.   Leave some books and magazines in the room in case they like to read before going to sleep.

Create a Serene Mood

Decorating cues for the guest bedroom can come from your home’s location. In this house by the ocean, maritime toiles and sea-horse-embellished pillows add a covert coastal touch. The lamp base resembles a shell, a subtle reference to the magnificent ocean view outside. Downy comforters adorn the faux-bamboo twin beds, and London shades soften the windows.

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