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October 11th, 2019

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Kensington House: Cream, Off-White and Funky

Troi Home :

The Kensington House design who was created by SHH Architects under the superintendence of ‘René Dekker is a sight in itself. The home involves a reception area, big formal dining area, family area, cinema, swimming pool area as well as 6 bedrooms. Each of the area in this London townhouse is such a postcard with mesmerizing points also gives ample living area. The stimulating situation for SHH was to make a complete interiors style (something ‘Cream, off-white as well as funky’ was the short in duration) for the 6 level, 1,114 sq m and you have to say that they did a very great project here. The design of this house has also championing the 4 Star Awards for Best Interior Design at the Daily Mail UK Property Awards.

SHH convey on the Kensington House project with a commission to make a complete interiors style for the six storey house. The fresh-build property is a modern convey on a Georgian patio home, arranged inside a classic west London square. The site is consist of a very generously dimensioned reception area, big formal dining area, family area, cinema as well as pool area, all situated on the lower 3 levels. The whole first level is housed by the master room, with the other 2 storeys taken up by 5 further bedrooms as well as en suite bathrooms.

The customer’s order was easy. The Kensington House had to fit the demands of an international couple with a big family. And the image is ‘Cream, off-white and funky’. The surpass bedroom is the first storey master room, completely executed in off-white. At the same time with the dressing area, the walls here have been dangling in a alluring echt mother of pearl wall tile, in an ingenious manner sealing the tile unites, creating all the area ‘seemingly seamless’.

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