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October 13th, 2019

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Londinium Wallpaper from Graham and Brown

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Londinium wallpaper from Graham & Brown is a unique wallpeper that very thick with art and architecture. Graphic gorgeous wallpaper from Graham & Brown that illustrates the capital’s most iconic architectural landmarks in all Their Glory. At first glance, this wallpaper may be same as the others but if examined closely, this wallpaper has a lot of inspiration for you. It also describes the city with a variety of home with its fatigue. If it is implemented in your home, you probably will see a remarkable sensation of a fancy wallpaper. Actually most architects fancy the way that it’s crowded and that it works.

Looking at the wallpaper Itself, it seems a busy. But, when applied to the wall with simple furnishings, I think it works nicely. Definitely need to keep the furnishings plain and simple with this one is best choice.

Bring the endless city into your home with this new wallpaper graphic design. Capturing the excitement of 2012, Graham as well as Brown launches this illustration cityscape, promote London’s best known buildings as well as attractions.

With low price, you can have it and install  it up on your favorite wall. Living room wall is a suitable option to manipulate an atmosphere of your living room that may be being quiet.

Make your home more vibrant and lively with this unique wallpaper decoration on the walls  Make sure that the eternal city motives  in your wallpaper is the only one you have.

These are full specification of this amazing wallpaper.

width                    :    52.0cm
roll length           :    10.0m

price                      :    $25.00 a roll
pattern repeat   :  53.0cm
design match     :   OFFSET
design type         :   Contemporary
design style         :   Motif,Geometric,City
substrate              :   paper
washability          :   Spongeable
brand                      :    Graham & Brown

Finally, congratulations to work and made Londinium wallpaper as your main priority in decorating walls.  

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