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September 13th, 2019

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Luxurious Queensland Beach Residence Offers Beautiful Ocean Views

Troi Home :

Luxurious Queensland Beach Residence Offers Beautiful Ocean Views – Albatross amazing project that have location in Mermaid Beach, Queensland Australia is a tropical getaway that combines the beauty of the outside sun, sea with sand with the luxury of the room. Part of the famous Gold Coast, the home has been designed to take in the many sights and sounds outside continuously. Loose interior that seems to have seem connectivity with grace Albatross Holiday whole habitat. Designed by BGD Architects, open-plan living coupled with a pretty advantages of wood, stone also glass raised the call of this magnificent beach house.

While the façade of the structure itself offers plenty of privacy thanks to the use of wood and concrete crazy, elevation offering unobstructed views overlooking the sea. Extravagant use of glass and large sliding glass doors ensure there is enough natural ventilation at all times. The presence of warm wood surfaces and wood accents in the residence provide an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. While the lower level of the structure hold the living room, dining room and kitchen ergonomic, comfortable bedrooms and bathrooms kept at the top level.

Aside from the cool neutral tones décor, sleek and well defined lines make sure that the modern style is maintained in every room of the house. A luxury swimming pool with a large deck space on all four sides and a bathroom that exudes luxury as well as top notch spa stand out as the highlights relaxing stay. Created to at this time the best weather as you sit next to a large stone fireplace and love the ocean view, Project Albatross woos you with his dreamy images.

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