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October 11th, 2019

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Majima Clinic a Reinterpretation of the Traditional Origami

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Majima Clinic a Reinterpretation of the Traditional Origami – A different interpretation of distinctive components of wooden building, bent area. The designer, D.I.G Architects, is tried to making the Majima Clinic a different interpretation of the traditional visual aspect of wooden structure; pitched ceiling as well as large canopy; behind the concept of “folding” make reference to “ORIGAMI”- a traditional Japanese paper job. The ceiling, wall as well as the canopy- the outer components of structure- are constructed and regarded as a sheet of paper, divided off and bent to every direction such as “ORIGAMI”.

The bent skin dims the architectural articulations and borders, incorporates the different roles into one mass. The closeness also openness seamlessly keep going on, the guests would discover themselves in the completely and separation at the similar moment, ambiguous area.

Unlike the standard experience in a hospital – an assemblage of piecemeal procedures -, the designers tried to create the experience live, easy as well as colorful. The rehabilitation studio, waiting area as well as child’s play area are moderately incorporated into a large single area below the folded ceiling. The medical treatments are integrated in one block as a core of the building. Instead of dividers, diagonal wall divides the sequence and slow modification of the spatial mass provides characters for every area.

Not merely the components but an interpretation of the wooden building is also newly revealed. In accordance to the works of “ORIGAMI”, the folded ceiling, wall as well as canopy shape diagonal surfaces and every element works as a mixture beam or a wall brace, a structural component. Total programming of the dynamics make firm and strong the long spanned disfigured polyhedron by wood.

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