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October 7th, 2019

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Master Bedroom Closet Ideas

Troi Home :

When it seems like a season for weekly or monthly sale, it is hard to resist shopping for new clothes. However, you will be shock to face a dilemma in getting enough space for your newly purchased items. Due to your current bedroom closet design, you may need extra storage for your additional clothing. Then you will believe that you will be facing more problem in perfectly matching your closet with your existing home decor.

Do not fret because many manufacturers allow their customers to customize their bedroom closet design for their specific needs since every closet has different colors, materials, sizes and styles. Colors are a very essential consideration because your new closet storage must be able to match with your lifestyle and your bedroom’s decor. Materials used must be sturdy for your security and longer use.

What type of bedroom closet design will you install then? If your bedroom is quite wide enough, you can choose a walk-in closet for it allows much space and better lighting. Shelving is very important in every closet and installing it in the lower portion will allow storage for shoes. Upper shelves are ideal for cocktail dresses, polo shirts and just about every item of clothing that you frequently use.

Space is the most popular reason why a walk-in closet is very popular to most homes for it is wide enough to store just about anything and effective organization will help maximize the storage availability.

To help you organize its content, you need to install an island. This will divide the closet into smaller partitions and there will be room for smaller pieces of clothing such as handkerchiefs, scarves, stockings, socks and ties. You can utilize the top portion of the island for folded clothes. There is extra storage that you can get with walk-in closets that you will not have to control your shopping!

Another bedroom closet design is the modular closet system. It is quite easier to install and inexpensive. Most of these DIY closet system are made of coated-wire components and solid particleboard components. With careful planning and consideration, you will double the storage area in no time!

Be careful not to install too many hooks for they will only worsen you  closet organitation problem by making it look messy. Therefore, slide-out drawers are advisable. They are simple and a shelving solution that frees up more space for those little items. Under-the-bed storage is another bedroom closet design option for it will provide storage under your bed and double up the extra free space. Drawers, cupboards and shelves all provide flexible solution to most homes cluttering clothes problem so carefully choose the designs and styles that will suite your bedroom’s layout, area and your existing decors color.

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