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October 6th, 2019

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Modern Home Plans And Designs

Troi Home :

You look for modern home design with a modern  minimalist model of Ideal family home today?

Well, here we will give a little information about the instance of modern minimalist house design drawings as long as possible you want design that make it as comfortable shelter you. Minimalist home design is very special and many people seek shelter for the family. In addition this replica has a house with an elegant feeling and can make people who occupy a peaceful residential feel. In Indonesia, mostly for the modern minimalist house model type is very rarely found in cities as long as possible we do not know.

To it before creating a minimalist home design we must consider some major aspects that we often forget the neighborhood habitat that may be built as a simple, modern and minimalist home. The most prominent of the modern minimalist house is a mix of colors that do not contrast with the little black lines, giving the home an elegant and clean impression. Modern minimalist style house is a style that displays the components as necessary, as simple as possible yet elegant. The following features of exterior and interior of a minimalist home:

Modern minimalist exterior:

Modern minimalist house always have geometric shapes and lines which firmly and influence by looping vertical/horizontal. Contemporary minimalist home has a wide aperture, wide windows supply a view out more freely. The accessories is also a minimalist landscape, the use of large plants are just as vocal point. Minimalist Houses usually have flat or nearly flat roofs.

Modern minimalist interior:

Rooms more open / minimize wall insulation.

Ornaments  interior such as the use of cornices, carved accessories not applied. Furniture is more simple, clear, plain. Typically for minimalist homes to avoid the impression of monotony, using games or light for dramatic effect, color games are also applied.

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