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September 17th, 2019

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Modern Space Featuring Glass Block For Bathroom

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Modern Space Featuring Glass Block For Bathroom – Glass block, yes it’s called. Curly glass has never been more in style. In fact, it is very popular in the Art Deco era, and while it never goes out of style, it makes a big comeback in 1980 with the rise of Art Deco. In inclusion to featuring a stylish, glass block privacy benefits. After all, it allows light while giving the right amount of blur.

Today we highlight a modern room that makes a statement with glass block. One thing to note is this building material can be used to complement many design styles. On the other hand, now and then you see the glass block in places where it should not. Let us look stunning interiors using glass block to their advantage.

What is it about the powder room that requires the use of glass block? We guess the need for privacy. Which is why the picture-perfect in a double shower. Notice how much light enters the wavy glass block while effectively hide detail. You must note the use of textured glass block for added talent.

Let’s talk style. When we say that the glass block seems to work in a variety of interiors, always surprise us a little when we see it used in traditional meets eclectic space like a powder room below. Traditional prints make a statement of their own, but they smooth combine the cold gray walls and slate tile features such as contemporary.

Tell us about the use of glass block in your favorite spaces. Are they retro? Modern? A combination of the two? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below

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