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September 1st, 2019

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Mystique Resort Santorini That Very Awesome Hotel

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Who has not heard about the romantic sunsets in Santorini? Mystique Resort in Santorini is a great example of an amazing island of pure beauty, one of the few in which architecture and human influences combined with natural resources in creating something more authentic. Mystique Resort is actually the name for eighteen suites and villas located on the Greek island, watching the amazing scenery. We really enjoyed the fact that this hotel is not a luxury, and luxury, but an architectural masterpiece perfectly integrated within the spirit and views of the island. We hope that more and more people who work in the field of design and architecture will understand how important it is to preserve the overall ambience and adds value to the location of a place through their works.

With a typical island-style design that protects nature in a climate of unabashed elegant, Mystique, is built in the most amazing scenery in the world. The hotel is located on Asia’s most famous cliffs with stunning views of the clear blue waters of the volcano and the Aegean Caldera. Suites and villas in the landscape to supply sensory experience of Santorini in environment understated elegance. All rooms are easily handcrafted from wood and local stone as well as has a big private terrace with a panoramic view to the sea and the caldera. Just private the discerning travelers, Mystique resortis a natural also exclusive retreat pure.

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