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August 14th, 2019

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Pool Blue Wedding Decorations

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Pool Decorations

If you’re marrying poolside, the pool will serve as your focal piece. So, add some wedding-Appropriate decorations to your pool. If you’re having an evening wedding, place Dozens of floating candles in the pool for some soft, natural light and a romantic look. Toss rose petals in the pool — but if the pool is at your home, make sure your venue allows this. Alternatively, you can place large, brightly colored floral bouquets around the pool. Consider placing them in pots rather than ceramic outdoor glass vasesĀ  this is a sturdier option for an outdoor wedding. Flowers in shades of blue, orange, pink and yellow will complement the pool’s light blue.

Pool Deck Setup

A poolside ceremony and reception does not call for the formality of a seated reception. Use a variety of furniture styles to create a unique and inviting gathering spot for guests. Try high-top cocktail tables with bar stools near the bar so guests can enjoy That tropical cocktails. Use outdoor lawn furniture Such as wrought-iron with brightly colored cushions Sofas or Adirondack chairs to create seating areas for guests. If you’re having an afternoon wedding, place umbrellas on the pool deck to offer guests some shade. If hosting a plated dinner, you can use banquet tables with brightly colored linens for dinner; then, move these tables away so That there’s plenty of room for guests to dance around the pool.

Table Centerpieces

You can choose an aquatic theme for your poolside reception tables. Fill fishbowls with colored sand That matches your wedding colors, and place candles in it. If you’d prefer a traditional floral centerpiece, use bright, tropical flowers to fit in with your poolside theme. Add greenery for a touch of nature. You can fill your flower vases with citrus fruit, like lemons or limes, sliced ??or whole. This bright Addition to your centerpiece adds some color and a Summery feel to your poolside wedding reception tables.

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