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August 13th, 2019

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Pool Decorations for Weddings

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A pool party is a party generally held and attended by people in their 20s or 30s proving it to be a very casual and fun party. These parties usually involve lots of heavy music, booze and fun. If you have never been able to host your own party before and want to have your very own pool party then you do not need to worry and take any stress. Hosting a pool party is very easy if you are able to stay within your budget and follow a bit of our tips and tricks.

The essence of any pool party as you already might know is the drinks and cocktails you will be serving at the party. For this you will need to have the appropriate drink ware supplies. Since it’s a casual party with a lot of your closest friends you can use some cool glasses we have in stock. We offer you a great variety of flashing glassware made out of premium unbreakable plastic. We have martini glasses, wine glasses, champagne glasses and even shot glasses. These amazing glasses flash in six different colors and will look incredible in the dark atmosphere of your pool party. You can serve up drinks like margaritas in our martini glasses and also serve up appetizers like tiger prawns in these glasses. This is totally optional as snacks are not always necessary when you’re having a pool party.

Other party decorations that will prove to be very useful are products like sky balloons. Unlike normal helium balloons the sky balloons are different as they glow in the dark and when you let them float up above the venue securely tied to the ground they look amazing. If you scatter a lot of these sky balloons all over the venue you wont need any other kind of decoration, as the view of these glowing balloons will be mesmerizing. You can use balloons of the same color or of different colors it is totally up to you as both will give off a cool lighting effect at the venue which all your guests will love.

You can even use 12-inch color changing lanterns at your pool party. Each lantern contains a battery-operated light that is hung inside, and slowly fades between colors when you turned it on. No wires or installation is needed all you have to do is simply hang them and turn the lights on for a cool and colorful effect. These lanterns can be hung individually, or strung together in groups its totally up to you.

Some novelties you might want to use at your pool party could be stuff like the shots party gun that can be attached to any beverage bottle and then you can use the trigger to pour out drinks for al your friends. This can be a great conversation starter for you and can prove to be heaps of fun. Other novelties can be the party air horn which you can use for pool games such as pool volley ball etc.

As you can see planning a pool party is really not that hard and all it requires is a bit of early planning with regards to the supplies you need to order. With a bit or organization you can host this party easily without any hiccups.

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