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August 13th, 2019

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White Decor for Wedding Reception

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Wedding reception filled with shades of purity, tenderness, joy, love and joy is the desire of every bride and groom. Such an atmosphere was created by the couple for the perfect day. Arrangement of wedding decorations that fit the personality of the bride and groom will support this atmosphere.

white color  in the wedding is not far from the lilly flower. White oriental lily flowers can be added to the budget of your wedding preparations. The white color means gentleness, joy, compassion, purity and joy.
Light colors correspond to complete it is white light. These colors produce wedding decorations wedding in shades of purity, tenderness, joy, love and joy.

Lily white oriental wedding decorations can be used in the European style. European style wedding decorations need flowers in large quantities. This decoration imitating the grandeur and majesty of the Roman era Babylon era. In the golden age known for the beauty of the park babiliona hang. Each section is filled décor of soft colors and cheerful. Flower bouquet filled without other elements. Lighting climax to support the atmosphere of the wedding decorations. European-style decor Requires a lot of accessories and supplies. No wonder the impression of luxury, glamor girded for European-style decor.

Oriental-style wedding reception which is usually dominated by white accentuate the meaning and philosophy. The meaning and philosophy contained in this marriage is permanence and fidelity. Oriental style wedding reception is simple and unpretentious. The white color that symbolizes affection should not form a flower. White flower images can reveal the meaning and philosophy of marriage.

We often find pictures of flowers in peach oriental cultural heritage. Soft white peach blossom. The couple wanted a wedding under a peach tree is blooming. They believe marriage will last. Peach trees are in bloom are not easily found by the overseas Chinese people. Finally they make peach flower pictures.

As the changing times, the object of peach blossom image is changing. The changes experienced by the subject of interest. White lily flower picture has not changed. White color has a meaning and philosophy of permanence and fidelity should not be lost.

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